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This is an area of great problems in many lives. It is responsible for many depression, psychotic problems and failures. Sexual injuries are deep because they are forbidden from being discussed. There are some areas of your sex life you fear to discuss for the fear that others will think you are vulgar, so you keep your pains to yourself. Why do many women and girls refuse to scream for help even when they are being raped? They fear people will think they are ‘bad’ or that they led the men into the act. They will rather use feeble strengths to fight the rapist and, when exhausted, lie there with a sense of guilt and shame while the rapist grins with satisfaction at his onslaught.

Remember that your present incarnation is sexual in origin. Sex is sacred and must be understood as such to make it a heart-warming and soul-lifting experience. In the sex act, recognize that you are engaged in the sacred rite that results in a cosmic unity. You grow from the special and sacred union with your partner into the union with all of life. Love is good as good lovemaking, it produces good health and a sense of spiritual well being. But sex must be the preserve of only mature and responsible partners like Couples.



An orgasm is a complex psychophysiological process, which is based on the corresponding processes in the brain. The stimulation of the brain’s specific zones of pleasure leads to an objective display of an orgasm. These zones are turned on under the influence of the impulses going through the female reproductive organs. The female’s body motor activity resembles seizures. In some cases the body tenses up and stretches out, the pelvis lifts and the whole body arches supported by the back of the head and the heels, the hands tense up and stretch out, jaws clench, eyes are tightly shut. In other cases the body arches, wiggles, make heaving motions, hands and legs make sharp chaotic movements, the head spins in all directions. All of this is accompanied with sounds effects (cries, screams, sobs, wails, the squeaking of the teeth, as well as the sounds muted by the willpower or by the spasm of the speech muscles, moans, sighs, and so on). Sometimes separate words and incoherent phrases escape the mouth. A spasm takes place, which is quite an abrupt contraction of the muscles of vagina, uterus, perineum and other muscles of the small pelvis. Usually, a young girl that has not given birth and has a well-developed muscular system has 2-3 strong spasms and several weak ones, which gradually die out. Women who have a weaker muscular system, are older, and have given birth have only one strong spasm and 1-2 weak ones. All of these spasms can be felt with the man’s penis. The increase of the discharge in the vagina sometimes is so drastic that the penis loses the feeling of the vaginal walls. In rare cases, a large amount of fluid even overflows outside. During the orgasm, the nipples increase in volume and harden (the nipple erection).

So how important is it for male and female sexual organs to be of matching size for a woman to be able to reach an orgasm? There has always been significant importance given to the size of reproductive organs in sexology and society. In reality, things are way simpler. First of all, a successful sexual life does not require a penis of, particularly large size. It is well known that a woman can experience four types of orgasms, three out of which (clitoral, vaginal, and perineal) do not depend at all on the size of male genitals. The fourth type of orgasm – the uterine one – requires the penis to be a certain length, but a quite moderate one, since the majority of women have their cervix situated relatively not deep. There are no correlations that exist between the overall size of the man’s body, namely the size of a man’s penis, and the size of a woman’s vagina. The anatomical non-conformity can take place only when there is an obvious vaginal pathology (its underdevelopment, scarry stricture due to previous injuries, burns, and so on). In all other cases the male and female sexual organs present a functional system, in which the vagina can stretch a great deal if a man’s penis is large, and on the contrary, it can contract and tightly envelop a small penis.

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