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The act of coming together by a male and female or man and woman using their private parts (Penis and Vagina), where the man inserts his penis into the woman vagina by thrusting to have pleasure for both parties. Vaginal sexual intercourse, also called coitus, is the human form of copulation. While its natural purpose and result is a reproduction, it is often performed entirely for pleasure and/or as an expression of love and emotional intimacy.

Right from our childhood’s days, we have been taught many things, but sex is the least taught of all. Due to lack of proper orientation towards the subject, it has been kept in the dark valleys of secrets not discussed and, like all things kept in such secrecy, it is bound to explode. Sex is a vertical force that has the ability to either populate the world or destroy it. On this subject, reason has long been slain and logic dumped in the maximum-security prisons. The subject of sex is still shrouded in taboos and sacrilege that when it seeks to break free, it becomes vulgar.


When sex becomes a taboo, it becomes irresistibly attractive. Suppress sex and you are opening the doors of this sacred food to vulgarity and pornography of all sorts. The more it lives in darkness, the more distorted and eviler it becomes. And when our source becomes evil, we face the danger of extreme worthlessness in the communication process constitutes a break in relationships.



On the other hand, uncontrolled sex results in the desecration of the holy ritual sex and succeeds in making it a meaningless act performed for its own sake. This has dangerously created vacuum yet to fill in many lives. Unrestrained sex unfettered has led to pornography and, if no proper guidance is made available, will destroy the sacredness of our source of creation.



Sex is the source of energy of life and creation. There is no doubt that sex is very pleasurable. The point here is not to judge sexual preferences, but to analyze to what extent it can be harmful when it is overly performed. An addiction to sex can be as deteriorating as alcoholism or drug addiction.


Because the driving force has no other purpose than mere pleasure or escapism. Sex becomes truly meaningful when love is bonded to that sacred act. Males tend to experiment sexual pleasure with any woman if the time and environment are adequate, whereas women, in their vast majority, need to feel an honest attraction and experiment true feelings before they commit themselves to have intercourse. Moreover, the only thing you can do for her is to support her emotionally and try to get her engaged in a constructive activity. Never force her. She must be persuaded, not fooled. She has to take onto that behaviour on her own otherwise, she will fail miserably over and over again.


However, this encompasses a wealth of different feelings, from the passionate desire and intimacy of romantic love to the nonsexual emotional closeness of familial and platonic love to the profound oneness or devotion of religious love. To be able to truly love and be loved, you have to begin by accepting yourself, by loving yourself, by considering yourself worthy of all the good things, this is a universal truth. What makes you lose or maintain that right? Choice. When you choose, you must accept the consequences and responsibilities of your choice. Blaming others is a comfortable position to avoid facing your own mistakes.

You can conclude that:

  • Love without sex is possible and true.
  • Sex without love is more commonplace than people may think.
  • There is a difference between having sex and making love.
  • When you feel heartbroken or have gotten hurt, is your partner to blame, or was your choice in a hurry which got you into trouble?
  • All relationships face risks, just like businesses, travels, experiments. If you keep yourself inside of your “protective bubble”, nothing will ever happen. Good or bad, and you will not grow as a human being.
  • To find true love, learn to let things flow. If you chase it, you’ll never find the real thing.

Enjoy the experiences as they come. Disregard them if they seem harmful, otherwise, just let them take their natural course.

  • Learn to be detached. Your partner is an individual. It isn’t your property! If you are overly possessive, you will not last enough to get to know the person. Apart from avoiding a potential venereal disease or other sexually related infections, do not let the spur of the moment cloud your judgment, you may regret it later. Do you want love, honest and loving intercourse, true friendship, companionship? Give first! Give without second intentions and I promise you shall be rewarded with equal or much better feelings than the ones you have freely and spontaneously given away.


Sex is when you simply succumb to your worldly desires. You feel sexually attracted to someone you would hardly know and would actually do something about it by flirting with that someone, which, in turn, will take you both to the same bed. In this case, love has absolutely nothing to do with it. It is like you just scratched an itch, and then the both of you will get on with your separate lives. A perfect example of this is one-night stands, which are absolutely meaningless, except that they feed your lust. Making love is when both parties really put their heart and soul in their lovemaking, being completely honest with each other in the process. It is not selfish, since you would want your partner to feel pleasure as well as yourself, as compared to simply having sex because, with sex, you would prioritize your own sexual pleasure.

Love involves affinity, while sex only involves lust, which in turn is based solely on desire. Sex is something that does not often slump real feelings, real relationship or even a committed. There are few peoples who seek enjoyment from one-night stands. Often many have a friend with benefits, there are never any real or deep feelings; it’s only about the enjoyment of the act. Usually, when people only search to have sex, there’s very little opposite play and intimacy afterwards, the cuddling and holding of one another, well that doesn’t happen often.

Many people are happy with having sex only for pleasure, never caring for the emotional circumstance of being in love. Often some will lope partner to partner because that’s all they’re searching that’s the instant rush and release in the sex’s pleasure.


This explains rising divorce rates from shorter courtships before marriage. Relationships are shorter and less lead to marriage in recent years because sex has taken over intellectual emotional bonding. Sex does not facilitate love, contrary to current popular belief. Intimacy is the sex of a couple in love, making love, but sex between anyone else has no value; it’s worthless. Sex does not facilitate love. Sex works as a quick high for relationships but drags along the dangerous side effects and an increased need to have sex, as the emotional development takes secondary importance.

Sex fogs mental clarity but when relationships aren’t based on sex, then feelings and mental compatibility stand centre stage. When intimacy never overshadows heartfelt feelings, lasting love has a far higher chance of survival. In love, sex is called intimacy and romance, that works with the couple to connect even more emotionally in new ways and that’s why it was initially hailed as a marital reward.

Sex was meant for marriage because the emotions before the wedding were highly evolved and mature enough to handle ever after but in today’s society those emotions never matured nearly as long as they should have and instead lust or pseudo-love became prominent and evidently confusing the general population. Sex does not facilitate love as current generations think. So also, this site is not encouraging illegal sex its content is for legal use for couples and dummies for a long-lasting relationship that would lead to marriage.


Some General Differences Between Male and Female Egos:

Men are attracted by physical characteristics and women are attracted by success indicators. Men are less emotionally involved when it comes to sex than women are. Women cannot detach their hearts when they make love with someone. Men need a chase in order to make long-term commitments. Women are selective about their partners and start new relationships with long-term commitment in mind. These concepts have been related to the beginning of the homo-sapient species when men most likely selected mates based on their physical ability to bear children and women selected mates based on their strength and ability to provide food and shelter.


This is an area of great problems in many lives. It is responsible for many depression, psychotic problems and failures. Sexual injuries are deep because they are forbidden from being discussed. There are some areas of your sex life you fear to discuss for the fear that others will think you are vulgar, so you keep your pains to yourself. Another area of problems with sex and relationships are the decisions we make about these two forces. Must all male and female relationships end with sex?

Should sex with any person mean marriage or commitment? Sex is for two mature and responsible persons. The words here are mature and responsible. When you decide that sex is equal to marriage, every sex that does not end in marriage is open to limitless pain. Sex is spiritual and must be understood as the energizing of our spirituality and the sharing of our creative energies. You must then have sex with just the person who attracts and stimulates in you the deepest of respect, sense of responsibility, spirituality and love as in couples.

When sex is understood for what it is, as a divine and spiritual energy, it will never become a playing. No one will throw his or her jewels to the swine, your decisions come from your belief system, and your belief system designs and creates your world. It is, therefore, important that you can yourself and your belief systems. In a relationship, the woman traditionally controls the sex and the man controls the money. In the ideal holy relationship, there are no controls but simple responsibilities based on each person’s capabilities. In lovemaking, there are no losers each partner is a winner. But in sex making, each partner is a loser.